Gencare – Anti-radiation

Gencare – Anti-radiation Gemstone Pendants



Gencare anti-radiation pendant is a kind of manmade gemstone jewelry by by applying special formula and powerful „wave absorbing gemstone” materials through precise procedures of mixing, preburning, crushing, pelleting, forming and fritting. It features with the merits of high hardness, high density, fine crystal, high luster, toxin free, wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and no color fading of natural gemstone. It also features with the elegance of manmade gemstone with bright, fashionable and cool nature.GenCare-01

Besides the properties of gemstone, it has powerful functions in absorbing harmful electromagnetic radiation, reducing electromagnetic pollution and protecting human health. The „wave absorbing gemstone” materials in the pendant can be flexibly processed with the metals like gold, silver, diamond, zircon, magnet, germanium and titanium. Gencare anti-radiation pendant, ont he basis of inheriting the Chinese culture, is applied with modern high-tech and top materials and technique, which bestows the pendant with unique cultural connotation and the time characteristics of health caring and environment protecting.

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Wave absorbing gemstone”, magnet, germanium balls, titanium balls, titanium fastener and chain.



Technical indices
Hardness: 7.5 – 8.0 (Mohs);
Density: 5.38 g/cm3;
Wave Absorbing Property: max attenuation loss reaches 98%;
Frequency Range: 10 MHz-3 GHz

Product features


1. Multiple functions
– Resist electromagnetic radiation
– Magnetic therapy

2.Long service life
The service life exceeds 6 years.


3. Originality Currently, the inventor has applied for invention patent and the product is original at home and abroad with


protection of Intellectual Property Law. Among which, „wave absorbing gemstone” material has possessed the invention patent, patent number: ZL 97 1 08989.2

4. Tested by authoritative organization It is shown after tested by More International Test Organization that the anti-radiation pendant „within 10 MHz-3 GHz range, max loss reaches 17 dB, when the incident RF power doesn’t modify the electromagnetic characteristics of the tested object, at the highest attenuation frequency point, the power attenuation reaches 98%”.

Direction for use
Wear the pendant ont he chest to form the electromagnetic radiation attenuation area with the center of „wave absorbing gemstone” for reducing harmful electromagnetic radiation, additionally, the magnet in pendant has excellent magnetic therapy for human as well.

Handle with care, avoid collision; do not immerse into water; wipe off the dirt with cotton fabric from the pendant after using for a long period.

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