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Love moon baby diapers

babycare2The Winalite Baby Care diapers are made of soft cotton using a special technology. Under the surface of the diaper is a layer extracts of tea seeds, which refreshes and protects the skin.

The extract provides further that:

  • growth of bacteria is prevented
  • itching is eliminated
  • the skin is hydrated
  • red rash on the buttocks is prevented
  • formation of odors are prevented

Since the development of diapers producers are constantly trying to improve the capacity of moisture absorption. One problem is that diapers should retain moisture but air must pass through. If there is not enough air permeability a thermal effect is created leading to origin of allergies and/or skin rash of the baby.

The Medical University of Chzhunshansky and Winalite have developed diapers with extracts of tea seeds. These are simple in structure and production technology. Because the special layer of the diaper is directly interacting, the redness of the buttocks is effectively prevented.

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